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Joseph Leonard P64,65,66 1. What did R.A. Vandell prove in his controlled experiment? 2. What did a study by Research Quarterly prove about making basketball free throws? 3. What did the study involve? 4. How many groups of students were there? 5. How often were the groups of students scored on their ability to shoot free throws? 6. What did one group do to prepare? 7. What did another group do to prepare? 8. What did the last group have to do? 9. How did the group that practiced improve? 10. How did the group with no practice improve? 11. How did the group that practiced in their mind improve? 12. What was the difference between mental and actual practice? 13. What did Alexander the Great do to prepare for battle? 14. What did Napoleon do before he began campaigning? 15. What was included in Napoleon’s 400 pages of notes? 16. What did Conrad Hilton think about before he bought a hotel?
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Unformatted text preview: 17. Can this technique also work for students in their studies and in their life? 18. What should you do the next time you attempt to do something important? 19. How does this method help you? 20. What is one of the major reasons we fail when trying to complete a task? 21. What is the effect of the sweat and clenched-jaw method? 22. What should you concentrate on the goal or the process? 23. How can this creative mechanism help to form a positive image? 24. What must one do for one to change? 25. What is the strongest force within you? 26. What is one of the greatest scientific mysteries of today? 27. What did ancient people believe caused earthquakes? 28. Can you predict earthquakes? 29. When did earthquakes begin to become a problem? 30. What happened to Lisbon, Portugal on November 1, 1775?...
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