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p42 10 questions + indexed 1-6 review questions - two ions...

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Joseph Leonard – 10/23/07 – p42 Questions and Review 1. 42 – 1 What is the symbol for sodium hydroxide? 2. 42 – 2 What is a base? 3. 42 – 2 What does alkaline mean? 4. 42 – 2 What type of a taste do bases have? 5. 42 – 2 How do bases tend to feel? 6. 42 – 3 What is the pH scale? 7. 42 – 3 What does the scale range from? 8. 42 – 3 What is a solution’s pH measured on? 9. 42 – 4 What are buffers? 10. 42 – 4 What do they accomplish? Review Questions 1. What is a solution? A solution is a mixture in which one or more substances are uniformly distributed in another substance 2. Describe the dissociation of water. In water, force attraction between molecules is so strong that the oxygen atom of one water molecule can actually remove the hydrogen atom from the other water molecule. This breaking apart if the water molecule into
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Unformatted text preview: two ions of opposite charge is called dissociation and is called dissociation. 3. What pH value is neutral? Seven is the neutral 4. Define acid and base. An acid is when the hydronium ions in a solution is greater than the number of hydroxide ions. A base is when a solution contains more hydroxide than hydronium ions. 5. What is a buffer? A buffer is a chemical substance that neutralizes small amounts or either an acid or a base added to a solution. 6. The active ingredient in aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid. Why would doctors recommend buffered aspirin for some people, especially those who have a “sensitive” stomach? The buffers can help to neutralize the acid slightly so that it doesn’t hurt the stomach lining....
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