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Joseph Leonard – 11/15/07 – p62 #6-15 6. What helps keep the temperature of living things? d) stable 7. The distinguishing feature of a molecule of a polar compound is its b) uneven distribution of electrical charge 8. The element that readily bonds to itself, forming long chains and rings, is c) carbon 9. Plants store glucose in d) simple sugar molecules 10. A very strong structural molecule in plants that is formed by hydrogen bonding between chains of glucose molecules is
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Unformatted text preview: b) wax 11. When two amino acids bond, c) a dipeptide is formed through a condensation reaction 12. Lipids are distinguished from other organic molecules because they b) do not dissolve in water 13. Steroids differ from other lipid polymers in that steroids d) are not composed of fatty acid monomers 14. Most enzymes are a) lipids 15. A compound that stores hereditary information is c) DNA...
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