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Joseph Leonard – 5/22/08 – p983-985 30 questions and indexed 983 – 1 1. What must your body do before it can use nutrients in food? 2. What is the process of digestion? 983 – 2 3. In which tract does digestion occur? 4. What is another name for the gastrointestinal tract? 5. Where does the digestive tract begin and end? 6. What organs are parts of the gastrointestinal tract? 7. What organs aid in digestion that are not in the gastrointestinal tract? 8. How can they aid in digestion from outside the tract? 984 – 1 9. When do you begin the mechanical phase of digestion? 10. What happens in the mechanical phase of digestion? 11. How does mechanical digestion aid in the enzymes? 12. What are the sharp, flat front teeth called? 13. What are the molars? 14. How is the tongue important in mechanical digestion? 15. How is this structure different than the soft palate?
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Unformatted text preview: 16. What is the soft palate made up of? 984 – 2 17. What also takes place as mechanical digestion occurs? 18. What does chemical digestion involve a change in? 19. When does preparation for chemical digestion begin? 20. How does saliva aid in chemical digestion? 21. Where are the three major salivary glands? 984 – 3 22. What does the mucus in saliva do to the food? 984 – 4 23. What is a bolus? 24. What happens after the food is moistened, softened, and swallowed? 25. What is the function of the epiglottis? 985 – 1 26. What occurs during peristalsis? 985 – 2 27. Where is the stomach located? 28. What organ aids in both mechanical and chemical digestion? 985 - 3 29. What is the stomach made up of? 985 – 4 30. What are gastric pits?...
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