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Current Event - Bomb threat - These bomb threats were...

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Joseph Leonard World Cultures Homework 10/25/07 Bomb Threats Found at Local Schools This article is about a series of bomb threats issued to local schools in Rockland. There was one found on the front door of Nyack High School by the janitors. They called in the police, who then proceeded to search the school with the use of bomb sniffing dogs. Nothing of suspicion was found, and school was allowed to open on time that same morning. Another bomb threat was found scrawled on a bathroom wall in C Wing of Felix Festa Middle School in West Nyack. This case also was investigated by police, but yet again, no evidence of a bomb was discovered.
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Unformatted text preview: These bomb threats were likely to be merely attempts by children to get out of school because this has become more common among high school and middle school students. They may thon it’s a joke, but it’s a serious felony, and, if caught, whoever planted the bomb threat could be processed as an adult in the federal court system. It is important that all bomb threats be taken seriously, and I feel these were handled well. If all bomb threats were assumed to be attempts of students to get out of classes or a test, then it would become the perfect target for a real bomber....
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