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Bio 200 lecture 2 keywords - Bio 200 Lecture 2 Key terms...

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Bio 200 Lecture 2 Key terms Key terms/concepts: Note: You do not need to know details about the formation of the Earth itself, just the basic terms will be fine here. 1. Protoplanetary disk - a circumstellar disk of matter, including gas and dust, from which planets may eventually form or be in the process of forming 2. Formation of our sun- big bang occurred mass concentrated in the center after shockwave. This lead to the sun. 3. Protoplanet- before Planet’s form 4. Precambrian super eon- eon from 4.6 billion years ago to 1 543 million, is considered to be over when 1 billion years ago the first multi cellular organism came into existence 5. Paleozoic era- 543 million years ago-250 million years ago. Trilobites and archaeocyatha emerged during era. Cambrian explosion led to the emergence of many animals. Bares witness to the first land plants and animals (Carpet moss and Amphibian tetra pod) Ended with the Permian extinction in which 97 percent of all marine life and 70 percent of all terrestrial life were wiped off the planet 6. Mesozoic era- the middle era 250-65 million years ago, Age of reptiles, 230 million years ago dinosaurs emerged and 200 million years ago were the first mammals, Ends with the K-T Extinction which wiped out the dinosaurs. Believed to have been caused by a massive asteroid and volcanic activity, hindered the sun and stopped photosynthesis. 7. Cenozoic era- 65 million years ago – current, age of the mammals, 1
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Bio 200 lecture 2 keywords - Bio 200 Lecture 2 Key terms...

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