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Bio 200 Lecture 5 Key Terms

Bio 200 Lecture 5 Key Terms - Outline Lecture 5 What Darwin...

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Outline Lecture 5 What Darwin didn’t know: Mendel and basic genetics? 1. Gregor Mendel and the collapse of the blending model 2. Mendel’s basic process 3. Monohybrid crosses 4. Mendel’s five element model and the principle of segregation 5. Punnett squares 6. Dihybrid crosses 7. Principle of independent assortment Extending Mendel 1. Do peas make it too easy? 2. Gene linkage 3. Polygenic inheritance 4. Epistasis 5. Pleiotropy 6. Incomplete dominance and codominance 7. Environmental effects on gene expression Key terms/concepts: 1. Blending inheritance- The offspring inherits the average of the parent’s traits 2. Why work with peas? - 1) Presence of observable traits, 2) produces many offspring at one time, 3) Short life cycle, 4) easy to manipulate pollen 3. True breeding- When all of the offspring look like the parents 4. What does it mean to “cross” something? - To take genetic material from two things and cross them to create offspring and mix the two things genetic codes 5. What is a trait? - A trait is a characteristic that is either inherited or gained through adaption 6. Hybrids- are the result of the crossing of two things, have alleles from both crossed items although only one may show 7. The importance of quantification of result- made it so people could look at it and understand it and that it could find patterns 8. Monohybrid crosses- Crosses that only involve one trait 9. P generation- The parent generation, the original ones that were crossed 10. Cross fertilization- Fertilization by the union of gametes from different individuals
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11. F1, F2, etc generations- F1 is the Filial one generation and is the first offspring
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