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Outline Lecture 15 Seed plants - Gymnosperms 1. The seed is an important advancement- made it easier for reproduction b/c of dispersal 2. Gymnosperms have naked seeds- seed isn’t enclosed completely 3. Gymnosperm life cycle- notes 4. There are four groups of gymnosperms Cycads- most ancient lineage of gymnosperms (age of dinos), huge female cones and mobile sperm, largest sperm in any organism Gingkos- single living species, dioecious, no remaining wild ones Gnetophytes- Gnetum: shares same type of trachea w/ angiosperms (analagous) / Welwitschia: grows in African deserts, longest leaves of any plant/ Ephedra: used to mke ephedrin with it Connifers- most common, lots and lots Seed plants - Angiosperms 1. Why are angiosperms so successful? Vessel cells, rapid maturation, pollinators, fruits Key terms/concepts: 1. Parts of a seed a. Megaspore- female gamete
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Unformatted text preview: b. Nucellus- becomes nucleus c. Integument- hard seed cover d. Micropyle- entering in which pollen tube grows from which leads to fertilization 2. Three ways seeds are adaptive- 1. Allow for dispersal 2. Allow for dormancy 3. Reduction of gametophytic phase 3. Homospory vs heterospory- ferns are homo/ seed plants are hetero 14. Flower parts (sepals- leaves, petals, anthers-where spores are, filaments- support anthers, stamens (filaments+anthers), ovary, ovules, style, stigma, carpel) 15. Types of fruit- apple- single carpel w/ interior seeds/ tomato- fused carpels, legume- bean is ovary/ peach- seed inside hard pit 16. How is the angiosperm life cycle different than the gymnosperm life cycle? Shorter gametophyte stage Organisms to know: Ginkgo biloba- male form of ginkgo plant Welwitschia- gnetophyte Ephedra (Mormon tea)...
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Outline_Lecture_15 - b Nucellus becomes nucleus c...

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