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Writing 102 October 8

Writing 102 October 8 - Joseph Sperber Garbage Capitalism's...

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Joseph Sperber Matt Garite 10/08/09 Writing 102 T/R Garbage Capitalism’s Green Commerce The industrial revolution began in the late 18 th century in London, England. The revolution led to an increase in the speed at which products can be produced at. Products such as clothes were now made by machine, instead of by the hand of a tailor or seamstress. The machines that emerged during this time would run on coal, and eventually now they run on fossil fuels. The productions of all goods using these machines emit a large quantity of waste. In Garbage Capitalism Green Commerce by Heather Rogers, Rogers discusses the waste of producing items and specifically the waste that is do to capitalism. Rogers starts off by discussing how capitalism allows for more waste than any other economical system. She states that the most developed countries will continue to create large masses of waste because those are the “analogues of consumer society”. The excerpt then goes
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