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art vocab test - achromatic-having no color or hue w/o...

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achromatic -having no color or hue; w/o indentifiable hue; most blacks, whites, grays and browns acrylic -clear plastic used as a binder in paint and as a casting material in sculpture aesthetic -study and philosophy of trhe quality andnature of sensory responses related to concept of beauty; philosophy of art focusing on questions regarding what art is, how it is evaluated, the concept of beauty and the relationship between idea of beauty and concept of art afterimage -visual image that remains after and initial stimulus is removed. (fatigued cones in eye only see complement color of the original hue after it is removed allegory- when literal content of a work stands for abstract ideas suggesting parallel, deeper, symbolic sense ambulatory - aisle that can be used to walk around church, around the apse and behind the main alter analogous colors- closely related hues; those in which a common hue can be seen; neighbors on color wheel aperture- camera lens opening and its relative diameter (f/8, f/11 etc) as # increases, diameter decreases applied art - art concerned with making objects with functional purposes apse - semicirucular end to an aisle in a basilisca or Christian church. Usually at eastern end of center aisle aqueduct - channel built to bring water to cities or towns often supported by a series of arches arcade – series of arches supported by columns or piers; covered passageway between two series of arches or between a series of arches and a wall armature - rigid framework serving as a supporting inner core for clay or other soft sculpting material. artist’s proof - trail print, usually made as an artist works on a plate or block to check progress of work ashlar masonry - masonry done w/o use or mortar; black are placed strategically to hold in place asymmetrical - without symmetry atmospheric perspective - creates illusion of distance by reducing color saturation, value contrast, and detail in order to imply hazy effect of atmosphere between viewer and distant objects balance - arrangement of parts achieving a state of equilibrium between opposing forces or influences Baroque - seventeenth century period in Europe characterized in the visual arts by dramatic light and shade, turbulent composition, and exaggerated emotional expression barrel vault – semicircular arch extended in depth; a continuous series of arches, one behind the other bas relief- 3-d forms of project (sculpture) project from flat surface of which they are a part. Basilica - roman town hall with 3 aisles and an apse at one or both endes—b/c style for churches Bauhaus - german art school in existence from 1919 to 1933; famous for its influence on design, leadership in art education, and its innovative philosophy of applying design principles to machine technology and mass production binder - material used in paint that causes pigment particles to adhere to one another and to the suppor Bodhisattva - a type of Buddhist holy person who is about to achieve enlightenment, but postpones it to remain
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art vocab test - achromatic-having no color or hue w/o...

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