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Ch7 Cutting plane- shows where the object is cut to show it in a separate view Full section- the section produced by cutting through the entire object Cutting plane line - p205, arrows indicate direction of sight for the sectional view. *a cutting plane line takes precedent over a center line *visible edges and contours behind the cutting plane should be shown *hidden lines should be omitted in sectional views *a section-lined area is always completely bounded by a visible outline-never by a hidden line *the cross hatching in all hatched areas must be parallel in a sectional view of a single object P209 cross hatching labels Cross hatching- patterns used to represent general material types *avoid dimensioning in cross-hatched areas Half section- shows the interior of one half of the object and still shows the exterior of the other half Broken out section- when only a partial section of one view is needed to expose interior shapes, this view
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Unformatted text preview: is limited by a break line p214 Revolved sections-made by assuming a plane perpendicular to the centerline or axis of a bar or other object, then revolving the plane 90 degrees about a centerline at right angles to the axis P215 Removed section-a section that is not in direct projection from the view containing the cutting plane, it is located somewhere else on the drawing p215 Offset section-a section using a cutting plane that bends through an irregular object to show features that do not lie in a straight line *ribs, webs gear teeth and other similar flat objects are not sectioned, even though the cutting plane passes along the center plane of the feature Conventional breaks- used to shorten the view of an elongated object p222 S breaks-the breaks used on cylindrical shafts Ch summary p 225...
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