MonkeyChart - sentences named after lab Set of symbols...

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Name_________________________________________________    COMD 2050-001 Chapter 2 “Monkey Chart” Name Language People associated with  this monkey Other important information (environment,  accomplishments, etc) Gua Spoken AE Luella and Winthrop  kellog Understood about 100 words but could not say  them Washoe ASL Beatrix and allan  gardener Used signs more than 100 words female,  produced sent, understood signs Sarah Plastic shapes Ann and david premack Set of plastic shapes for comm., shapes  represent words understood complex sent Lana Yerkish Duane rumbaugh and  sue savage Used artificial lang.(symbols to produce 
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Unformatted text preview: sentences) named after lab. Set of symbols linked to keyboard Nim Chimsky ASL Noam chamsky Americal sign language videotaping of classroom activity, large #of single word signs(rep of simple sent.) Sherman Yerkish Austin Yerkish Matata Yerkish Sue savage-rumbaugh Mother of son, kanzi, and didn’t do very well Kanzi Yerkish Sue savage-rumbaugh Large vocab over 250 words by 8 could understand English, used noises as words, could ask questions. Name_________________________________________________ COMD 2050-001 Chapter 2 “Monkey Chart”...
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  • Spring '08
  • Collins
  • Nim Chimpsky, Great ape language, Washoe, Panzee and Panbanisha, Sherman Austin Matata Kanzi, Winthrop  kellog Beatrix

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MonkeyChart - sentences named after lab Set of symbols...

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