Authority, Power Obidience lecture 6

Authority, Power Obidience lecture 6 - o 3 When peoples...

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Lecture 6 AUTHORITY, POWER, AND OBIDIENCE We depend on government for security, welfare, roads and bridges comes from state(authority) Authority o The justifiable right to exercise power Types of Authority o Charismatic authority Based on personal appeal of individual leader Difficult to pass on Charisma- specific qualities that inspire loyalty and obedience in others Ex. Barrack, Clinton(presidents) o Traditional Authority Based on appeals to the past or tradition Not easily adaptable(the past doesn’t change) Ex. Queen Elizabeth leadership based on family relationships which lead to traditions o Legal Rational Authority Based on legal, impersonal rules Attached to roles, not individuals 3 Dimensions of Power o 1.) When different agendas clash, conflict results, and one agenda wins. o 2.) When power is too formidable to resist.(threatening when something causes fear or discourage challenging it)
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Unformatted text preview: o 3.) When peoples choices are shaped by “invisible” power. (Less obvious) Socialization, media North Korea • Communist state • Secretive, self reliant, hostile to outsiders • April: “satellite” launch, fired a rocket and said they were launching a satellite into orbit, north korea was successful with orbit and plays songs. • North Korea has no lights on campaign that u have to turn your lights off by curfew. South Korea lights are on at that time of night. • Obedience o Milgram experiment Participants(“teachers”) gave electric shocks to others(“learners”) • Learners were actors.( weren’t really being shocked) Shocks increased in intensity, up to “lethal” • Over half of teachers shocked learners up to the “lethal” level o ABC News recreates Milgram...
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Authority, Power Obidience lecture 6 - o 3 When peoples...

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