exam 1 - 8/27 Intro Sociology is the scientific study of...

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Unformatted text preview: 8/27 Intro Sociology is the scientific study of human society Religion, politics, music, sport, sociologistsetc. Auguste Comte Coined term sociology Religious authority declined during industrial revolution Believed the Social world could be studied by science Established a science to uncover the dynamics of society-NEW IDEA Thought he could provide moral guidance to replace religion SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS Group of social positions connected by social relations that performs a social role. Ex: Family, Religion We change social institutions daily through ordinary interactions SOCIAL IDENTITY How individuals view themselves in relation to groups in which they do or dont belong We all contribute to each others social identity (groups we belong to) C Wright Mills Wrote the book, The Sociological Imagination Need to use our sociological imagination to ask questions about why Connections between biography and history Private troubles vs. public issues Using Sociological Imagination Make the familiar strange Its the little differences Three major social theories STRUCTURAL FUNCTIONALISM Durkheim Suicide Social forces influence individual acts, cohesion Elementary forms of religious life Society like a living organism with social institutions like vital organs Emphasizes the role of agreement (consensus) in maintaining order in society CONFLICT THEORY Marx Humanity unique for its capacity to create Communist Manifesto Owners have most power Social inequality is unequal access to resources Social inequality results from power struggle between groups SYMBOLIC INTERACTIONISM Focus on face to face interactions...
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exam 1 - 8/27 Intro Sociology is the scientific study of...

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