SOCIOLOGY 2 - SOCIOLOGY2 Chapter7 Family:PublicandPrivate...

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SOCIOLOGY 2 14:37 Chapter 7 Family: Public and Private Preindustrial family: Function as a miniature economy Depends on kinship networks o Kinship networks- blood related family Industrial Revolution: Began late 1700s in England Shift from agriculture to industry Rural to urban migration Industrial Family: Men left home to work Women managed household Divided family into public sphere (men) and private sphere (women) o Public work= paycheck Cult of Domesticity: Idea that true womanhood centers on domestic  responsibility and child rearing. Natural for men to work and women stay home to provide a “haven in a harsh  world” Nuclear Family: Family including father, mother, and their biological children (immediate  family).
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Idealized as model family form  The 50’s Family Peak of nuclear family form Thriving economy, government assistance “Baby Boom” Leave it to Beaver Idealized and historically unusual Reinforced traditional gender roles The 70’s Family Women’s rights No-fault divorce increased Birth-control Recession Women entered workforce in masses Current Family MIA: combines work and family Bringing private into public Amy Poehler SNL Public/Private at work Some workplace accommodations for family
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SOCIOLOGY 2 - SOCIOLOGY2 Chapter7 Family:PublicandPrivate...

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