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SOCL 2001 notes 10-22

SOCL 2001 notes 10-22 - Economic Systems Som-needs of...

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SOCL 2001 October 22, 2009 Capitalism (Vs. Marx) The Industrial Revolution Former peasants at work [in factories] Workers lived in slums in city [problems piling up] Marx Communist Manifesto (1848) [saw slum conditions] Capitalism doomed to fail - Exploits workers, creates inequality Marx: Alienation Alienation - Condition in which people are dominated by forces of their own creation that confron them as alien powers Aspects of Alienation 1. Product- worker never sees finished product [assembly line] 2. Process- worker involved only in part of production 3. People- relationships based on monetary worth 4. Self- creativity is human, wage labor defies our nature Marx: Social Class Bourgeoisie - Capitalist- own means of production, keep profits [then- factory owners, now- major business owners] Proletariat - Workers- sell their labor, don’t keep profits they help to create Bourgeoisie exploit proletariat Proletariat should rise up against bourgeoisie, establish communism
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Unformatted text preview: Economic Systems Som- -needs of workers met outside of the market-principles: equality and morality Communism--Production owned by the state, which provides for needs of everyone-Classless society, no more exploitation Social Democracy- Capitalism regulated by elements of som-Balances Capitalism with protection for the underprivileged -Public Education-Social security Capitalism Social Democracy Som Communism [we are between capitalism and social democracy] Corporation- entity with a legal personhood distinct methods motivated by profit Marx:-Corporations exploit workers-Corporations have no humanity, sense of right and wrong Unions Union- organization of workers formally united for collective bargaining Union busting- when a company attacks a union or unionizing efforts Workers Opinions [ more are becoming for unions]...
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SOCL 2001 notes 10-22 - Economic Systems Som-needs of...

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