Race & Ethnicity

Race & Ethnicity - Race& Ethnicity Ethnicity-...

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Ethnicity- one’s quality or affiliation Based on cultural differences, not necessarily physical ones Symbolic Ethnicity- Identification with a nationality (past, present, or future) No risk of stigma for middle class whites to adopt a symbolic ethnicity Race Involuntary Physical differences Hierarchical Exclusive Ethnicity Voluntary Self defined Nonhierarchical Fluid and multiple Assimilation- process by which immigrants become part of their new society Arrive> settle in> become accepted> intermarry> adopt new culture Not very easy to Acceptance varies Pluralism- society with several distinct ethnic or racial groups Opposite of assimilation No stratification, no oppression, no domination US should be statistically pluralist by 2050 Native Americans 0.8% of US population
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Geographically, culturally, and physically diverse group 10 to 100 million before European exploration o Today about 2.5 million
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Race & Ethnicity - Race& Ethnicity Ethnicity-...

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