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Unformatted text preview: 11-17 What is white culture? Race and Ethnicity Race- a group who share a set of characteristics and are said to share a common blood line. Race is a social construction, rather than a biological or natural reality. Only small genetic variations due to race. At most only 15% of genetic variation can be seen due to race-color, hair, etc. Ethnicity-ethnic quality of affiliation. Based on cultural differences, not necessarily physical differences. Ex. Redneck games are part of white ethnicity. Symbolic ethnicity-identification with a nationality. No risk of stigma for middle class whites. U.S. Race 66.3% white 14.8% Hispanic 12.4% Af. Am. 4.4% Asian 0.8% N. Am. Asian-highest paid then white, black, n. am., hisp. Immigration and whiteness 1790: naturalization law confers citizenship to “free white persons” Immigration Act of 1924: defined whiteness with strict quotas for national origin. Multiracial Americans Up 33% since 2000 By 2028 the majority of americans under age 30 will be minorities. Whites New focus in race studies Problem: what does it mean to be white? White privilege “invisible” set of advantages enjoyed by white persons. The invisible knapsack Whiteness is sort of seen as normal Modern white supremacists (NAAWP) embraces new focus on whites. -but do not acknowledge white privilege. ...
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