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Chemistry 10: Concepts in Chemistry Term Paper Details Important Dates: Topic Approval Form: Due Monday Oct. 26 th One Page Outline: Du (Monday Nov. 9 th Draft (optional) : Due Monday Nov. 23 rd Final Paper: Due Wednesday Dec. 2 nd Purpose: The purpose of the chemistry 10 term paper is to allow you to investigate the concepts in chemistry in your life. Chemistry is everywhere in the whys and hows of the simplest of ‘ordinary’ things. Why is the sky blue? Why do some types of plastic get recycled and others not? Why do the leaves change color? Why does one fabric dye well with one color but not another? What does ibuprofen do? All of these questions can be answered with chemistry. This writing assignment will also give you a greater understanding of scientific writing, and the process scientists use to communicate their ideas. The ability to clearly and concisely deliver information is an important skill for everyone, and we hope that this assignment will assist you in obtaining these skills. Topic Selection and Approval: It is very important that your topic be of interest/importance to YOU. You may want to pick a topic that relates to your major, a family member, a hobby, or another interest you have. A portion of the grade on your paper will be to it’s relevance to your everyday life, so think carefully. This paper is to be only 5-7 pages in length. That is not a lot of space to develop an idea so be careful about addressing topics that are too broad. It is very common for students to select a topic that is too broad to be properly covered in 5-7 pages. If you have questions or concerns contact either myself or the TA, (San Ho Lim sanlim@ucdavis.edu ) prior to submitting your topic approval form for assistance in choosing and narrowing a topic. All topics must be approved. Outline and Drafts:
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TermPaperHandoutFall09 - Chemistry 10: Concepts in...

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