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Technology Case Study

Technology Case Study - Some advantages are reducing travel...

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Marc Pomi 106040098 1. Yes, this is a good thing in realization that the current students will know more information than the past students. Students of all economic levels can keep up all they need to do is apply for financial aid. 2. Over reliance can be discouraged by forcing a certain amount of books in each project but you can not avoid an over reliance of the internet. 3. Students are making better use of today’s technology and not merely abandoning the other activities associated with college life. Students will be forced to interact with the college community whether they want to or not. 4. Technology does already keep students so connected that students are rarely independent. 5. The expansion of technology has broken down the barrier between the student and the professor through communication through email and other internet tools.
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Unformatted text preview: Some advantages are reducing travel, people that are shy now do not have to confront the professor, and emails are instantaneous. Some disadvantages are the encouragement of being lazy, students are not forced to go to everyday class, and students who are not computer handy are at a disadvantage. 6. Students have high pressures to buy technology due to the fact most professors now only accept typed papers, online homework, or communication through internet technologies. This is a bad thing because it forces the student to buy technologies that the student may not be able to afford unless with financial aid. 7. I do not pay much attention to the actual media content or how it reflects the ideology within a culture. The gadgets are an inclusive part of the culture....
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