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Research Paper Research Paper: Historical Moments, Global Implications Length: 8 pages, excluding the works cited page Abstract and Annotated Bibliography Due: Tuesday, April 17th Final Drafts/Portfolio Due: Friday, May 11th For this research paper, you will investigate one of the following historical events or topics, and provide a 8 page, thesis-driven discussion of the event, examining how the paradigms of class, race, gender and nationality both contributed to the event itself, affected the ways in which the event was interpreted (or in some cases, excised from mainstream reports) and why it is relevant our global, sociopolitical moment. *the Origins of the AIDS pandemic *French response to the Algerian protest 17th of October, 1961 *My Lai, Vietnam, 16th of March, 1968 *El Mozote, 11 of December 1981 *South African Apartheid and Contemporary Politics *Hurricane Katrina *Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo and protests from 1976-1983
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Unformatted text preview: For your sources, you will include at least two magazine or journal articles (Harper s Magazine, the New Yorker, Foreign Affairs, Atlantic Journal, etc.) two newspaper articles and one book, if available. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS ONE OF YOUR FIVE SOURCES. Abstract: a two summary paragraph of your project, including your thesis. I encourage you to first pose a question (for example: how did the madres de plaza de mayo use traditional gender roles to affect change?) and then formulate your thesis as an answer to that question. Annotated Bibliography: a works cited page with a brief one to two paragraph summary of your sources. *Both the abstract and the annotated bibliography are required as part of the research project. When you turn in your final draft, you will submit your abstract and annotated bibliography....
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