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hurricane_katrina_revised - Pomi 1 Marc Pomi 106040098...

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Pomi 1 Marc Pomi 106040098 5/07/07 Professor Walsh WRT 102 Hurricane Katrina had been one the most devastating natural disasters to hit the United State of America ever costing a total of one hundred and twenty five billion dollars, and leaving almost one thousand dead. We need to look at ways of preventing such a disaster. As this is the only problem, we can predict and perceive how dangerous a hurricane can be but preventing one is a different matter entirely ( Financial times online) The U.S. National Hurricane Centre (NHC) reported just prior to the disaster that a Tropical Depression on twelfth of August 2005 had formed over the south-eastern Bahamas this was soon to be named hurricane Katrina, it was upgraded to a hurricane on the twenty fifth of August 2005, it hit the land on the same day lousing its strength while travelling over Florida. Although on the twenty sixth of August 2005 it intensified to a category two hurricane. It became clear the storm was headed for Mississippi and Louisiana. The next day the hurricane intensified further to a category three and again the day after, the storm gained intensity and on August the twenty eighth it had became a massive category five hurricane with winds of up to a staggering two hundred fourteen miles per hour. Katrina made land fall near Louisiana and Mississippi on the twenty ninth as a category four hurricane. It was perceived to hit the New Orleans area four days before it actually did. ( Journal of global affairs, Adams, p, 2006) It was obvious that there was no problem with the perception or prediction as the meteorologist new about
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Pomi 2 the possible chance of a hurricane almost a week before it hit land, although it is difficult to understand how much a storm can intensify by it is possible somewhat. It is clear what the US needs to do in future to prevent damage and loss of life due to hurricanes; they need to concentrate on prevention. It is not possible to stop a hurricane but there are measures that can be taken to reduce damage and increase services so inhabitants can escape the impending danger of natural disasters. “During a hurricane, homes may be damaged or destroyed by high winds and high waves. Debris can break windows and doors, allowing high winds inside the home. In extreme storms, such as Hurricane Andrew, the force of the wind alone can cause weak places in your home to fail. “( www.redcross.org) Three places in your home that are usually damaged by hurricanes are the roof, windows, doors, and there are things that can be done to strengthen these areas to minimize damage. First, investing in a stronger roof by placing more beams and securing the trusses by placing brasses to strengthen the roof structure, to protect your windows and doors the simplest effective method is by installing storms shutters which are basically thick boards of wood coving windows and doors. When it comes to prevention with hurricanes of a category four nature governments should have emergency plans in
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hurricane_katrina_revised - Pomi 1 Marc Pomi 106040098...

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