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Pomi 1 Marc Pomi Professor Walsh Writing 102 1/26/07 In a Queer Time and Place Judith Halberstam’s reflection on “Transgender Bodies” and “Subcultural Lives” proves to be the most boring piece I have read. Judith discusses the cruel rape and murder of Brendon Teena, a transvestite teenager who was found to be really a girl. Brendon did not suffer the fate of death alone; two of her friends also were killed because they were at the wrong place and wrong time. Judith also discusses the movie “Boys Don’t Cry” that was created in the wake of Brendon’s death. She tells us about how “male and female gazes” are stolen and secretly replaced by “transgender modes of looking and queer forms of visual pleasure.” Judith goes into detail about the movie and discusses aspect of
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Unformatted text preview: the movie which may or may not portray Brandon correctly. Throughout the piece, Judith also compares “Boys Don’t Cry” to other pieces of work that were made about Brendon Teena. She shows particularly how in Boys Don’t Cry how Hillary Swank was replaced in a scene to show a more masculine body instead of Swank’s feminine body. Lastly, Judith discusses a point in which she was speaking to a general crowd about Brendon’s murder. She generalized white trash and hate to small rural towns which offended many people. In turn she was scrutinized for her what she when a woman stood up and called Judith’s comments insensitive to the people who may have come from small towns....
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