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BILL TORPY STAFF. "KATRINA: A YEAR AFTER THE STORM: Forging ahead, looking  back: A year later, former New Orleans residents who did not leave on their own terms  still are deciding where home is." Atlanta Journal and Constitution . 27 Aug 2006. A1.  eLibrary . Proquest. SMITHTOWN HIGH SCHOOL. 23 Apr 2007.  <>. Eyre, Eric. "KATRINA: ; Drowning in despair 18 months later." Charleston Gazette . 26  Mar 2007. 1D. eLibrary . Proquest. SMITHTOWN HIGH SCHOOL. 23 Apr 2007. 
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Unformatted text preview: <>. Rasheed, Aesha. "Education in New Orleans: Some Background." High School Journal . 2 2006. 4. eLibrary . Proquest. SMITHTOWN HIGH SCHOOL. 23 Apr 2007. <>. When the Levees Broke . Dir. Spike Lee. DVD. 40 Acres & a Mule Filmworks, 2006. Whitford, Marty. "Adaptation Amidst Adversity." Pest Control . 6 2006. 35. eLibrary . Proquest. SMITHTOWN HIGH SCHOOL. 23 Apr 2007. <>....
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