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Marc Pomi 106040098 Physics 133 Lab Section 04 Mr. Kauffman Experiment 4: Conservation Of Energy Introduction : In this lab we used the photo gate and air slider to determine that energy is conserved and transferred not lost. We did this by providing different angles of elevation to show change in energy as well as used masses. In this experiment the transfer of potential energy to kinetic energy was shown. Procedure: 1. Level air track by adjusting the track until the glider stops moving or settles in one position. 2. Tilt the track by adding wood blocks and find the angle. The angle can be found by
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Unformatted text preview: measuring the height of the wood blocks and also measuring the distance between supports. 3. Measure the space in between each gate. 4. While utilizing the computer, bring the slider to the top of the track and release measuring the velocity in between the photo gates. 5. Take the track off the wood blocks and again measure the velocity but this time with a measured mass tied to a string to the slider. The string should go around the wheel....
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