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Marc Pomi PHY 127 L05 Introduction : The purpose of this experiment is to find the capacitance of an unknown capacitor by observing voltage. T heory : We are trying to determine the capacity of an unknown capacitor by using the rule of capacitors in parallel and series. By using the voltage found in the experiment we can test the validity of the formula. Procedure : Equipment : Oscilloscope, 1 Unknown Capacitor, 1 Decade Capacitance Box with 1 micro-Farad Steps, 1 Double-pole Double-throw Switch, 1 Dry Cell Steps : 1. Set up capacitors in parallel according to diagram. 2. Find out max voltage by throwing the switch several times and
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Unformatted text preview: recording right after the switch is thrown due to decay of voltage. 3. Repeat Step 2 but with capacitors set up in series. Analysis: Questions: 1. 2. Voltage decays because the capacitor fills with energy. 3. 2.7X10^-7 Farads 4. 5. Yes. 6. The relationship between voltages determines the capacitance of the unknown capacitor. Conclusion : The unknown capacitance was found to be 0.27 micro-farads which was found using the parallel capacitance equation. Some sources of error include in-accurate readings of the oscillator....
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