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Marc Pomi PHY 127 L05 Introduction : The purpose of this lab is to be familiarized with the oscilloscope for future labs. T heory : If we are familiar with the lab equipment we will be able to complete future labs. Procedure : Equipment : Oscilloscope, 2 function generators, Dry Cell Battery Steps : 1. Adjust intensity and focus for clear viewing conditions 2. Set TIME/DIV knob to the counter clockwise position. 3. Center the dot that appears. 4. Change the TIME/DIV knob to different positions and observe. 5. Set TIME/DIV knob to 1ms and turn the VOLTS/DIV knob to different positions. Observe. 6. Measure the voltage across the dry cell battery. 7. Connect scope to oscillator to channel 1. Observe different wave forms
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Unformatted text preview: at different frequencies. 8. Adjust level and slope and record patterns. 9. Connect another oscillator to channel 2. Observe same frequencies and double frequency, and 1.5 frequency as the other. Analysis: Questions: 1. The smaller the interval of time the quicker the repeat. 2. Changes the vertical scale of the oscilloscope. 3. 1.5 Volts 4. Input drops to 0. 5. The frequencies are very close to exact with little error. 6. 3.3 million hz. 7. + Slope + Level 1000 Hz 8. The same frequencies will produce a circle with radius A. Conclusion : I am familiar with the oscilloscope....
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