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What is it - What is it A CPU is also known as the central...

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What is it? A CPU is also known as the central processing unit or processor for short. CPU’s generally are used for computers but also have a wide variety of applications in almost every electronics including your cell phone, PDA, blackberry, etc. CPU’s interpret computer program data and process data
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History The first concept of a processing unit was the concept of vacuum tubes in which the computer had to be physically reconfigured to run a program. Prior to transistors vacuum tubes and electric relays were the primary source of switching elements. There were many flaws in these designs even though they were faster then early mechanical designs. Vacuum tubes had to heat up completely before they became operational and relays had the problem of requiring additional hardware to deal with the problem of contact bounce or electrical signal crossing. John von Neumann designed the concept which resembles the most present day design of the CPU in which high speed memory was used instead of physically re-wiring the computer.
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