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For this experiment we measured the movement of the sunset roughly each week. The purpose of this exercise is to see the change in sunset on the horizon. Also, this experiment could be used to find due west. Every week roughly I would return to the local middle school’s soccer field to record the sunset on the horizon. Using a tree in the distance that was distinct and the actual school building I estimated the degrees the sun moved on the horizon each week. I measured degrees by simple use of hands, a pinky was close to 1.5 degrees and a fist was close to twenty degrees.
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Unformatted text preview: One average the sun moved three to four degrees per week. I did struggle with sunset movement a little though however due to weather conditions which shifted my calculations a bit. I notice the sun moved to the west more each week and technically if I recorded the sun on the 18 th or March the sun should have been due west but weather was not permitting. The reason the sun position changes is the movement of the earth. The earth is on a tilt which causes seasons and changes in daylight as well as the apparent movement of the sunset....
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