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Moon Report - find the approximate degrees the moon was in...

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This experiment involved the recording of the moon phases and positions. The purpose of this experiment was to see how the moon changes as it revolves around the earth. We were supposed to do this experiment over a span of two weeks but the luxury was not there. The weather was lousy and made it hard to observe over the time span. This experiment was done within four consecutive days when the weather was clear enough to view the moon clearly enough. I recorded in the backyard of my house the moons poison utilizing my house and pool as a landmark. Simple hand signs were used to
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Unformatted text preview: find the approximate degrees the moon was in relevance to the landmarks. These observations showed me the moon moving towards the right as I faced due south. I also noticed the moon gained more if it’s surface that was visible to me. The moon appeared to move one to one and a half degrees per night. The reason the moon moves and changes appearance is due to the fact the moon revolves around the earth and more light becomes reflected off the sun for us to see the moon....
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