Experimental - Experimental Freezing Point We first...

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Freezing Point We first prepared an ice salt bath using common table salt and ice in a 250 mL beaker. Then we added a small amount of tap water until the solution became approximately -15 degrees Celsius. After, we then obtained our unknown solution and filled a small test tube with the unknown solution half way high in the test tube. We then took the test tube and taped the tube to the side of the beaker in the ice salt bath so the liquid was completely submerged in the bath. A thermometer was obtained which was then washed to maintain accuracy of results. The thermometer was placed into the bath and was used to stir the mixture repeatedly. We waited until we could no longer make the temperature decrease hence the freezing point was less than -15.3 degrees Celsius. Density My lab partner and I first obtained an empty vile. The vile was weighed and we gathered the vial mass. 1 mL of the unknown liquid was then added and then reweighed the vial and the liquid together. The mass of the liquid was found by subtracting the two known weights. The Density of the liquid was then determined by using the formula of D=m/V. Since 1
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Experimental - Experimental Freezing Point We first...

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