Proposition - cheaply With the current processes I planned...

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Marc Pomi 11/28/07 Professor Datta CHE 1011 Project Proposal Fuel cells are one of the more promising technologies of the future to provide the world with energy. They are efficient, clean, and provide decent sources of power. For these reasons I would like to focus my project around fuel cells. During my project I want to elaborate on how a fuel cell works and include the benefits and flaws to the idea. I want to especially focus on the economical and efficient way of how to produce hydrogen, the fuel for a fuel cell. I would like to look at current processes for forming hydrogen and also possible solutions for forming hydrogen
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Unformatted text preview: cheaply. With the current processes I planned to develop a flow sheet and a schematic on how to form hydrogen as well as do so with possibilities of other hydrogen forming solutions. I also wanted to develop a schematic the actual fuel cell energy formation. I would then like to conclude my project with the most economically and safe way currently available to bring fuel cells to customers. I am also open to any ideas and suggestions....
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