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Ice Creanm - the ice cream an overall better experience...

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Marc Pomi 12/13/07 Professor Datta CHE 1011 Ice Cream Manufacturing The common bowl of ice cream is more complex than one could imagine. Ice cream isn’t simply made by freezing milk and sugar but yet there are several intricate processes and steps developed by manufacturers of ice cream. The first step is the blending and mixing of the ingredients where the ingredients are measured out and combined using a simple hopper and blender to make the ice cream mix. The next step is pasteurization in which the ice cream mix can undergo one of two processes: batch pasteurization and continuous pasteurization. Both methods generically make sure the mix is at an acceptable level of bacteria in the ice cream so people do not become sick when the ice cream is consumed. Next the ice cream mix is homogenized. During homogenization the fat globules in the ice cream are broken up and thinned out to give
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Unformatted text preview: the ice cream an overall better experience which includes flavor, texture, and stability. The next step of the ice cream mix is for the mix to be aged under five degrees Celsius to let the proteins and fats to undergo chemical reactions. The next step of the process is freezing. During freezing obviously the ice cream mix is frozen but the mix is frozen in a continuous barrel freezer so that the ice cream is smooth and soft. The ice cream is then hardened in a spiral wind tunnel freezer in which air is rapidly circulated to prevent the formation of ice crystals. To prevent the formation this process is done at a very low temperature. Lastly the ice cream is packaged and sent for distribution. When packing the ice cream, the container must consider heat transfer and other elements of distribution purposes to ensure the quality of the ice cream....
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Ice Creanm - the ice cream an overall better experience...

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