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Marc Pomi 11/04/07 Chemical Systems 1. The Nitrogen Cycle: Nitrogen condenses in the atmosphere into water and soils. The nitrogen then reaches aquatic communities where it is absorbed and released into ocean sediments then into rock. From the aquatic communities it can also go back into the atmosphere. Some outside sources of Nitrogen are human activities such as combustion which increases NOx. The unit operations would involve the fish and also the human interactions. 2. Uranium Refining: Uranium is first mined then refined in a plant. Then the uranium can be applied for nuclear power in power plants which generate nuclear waste and must be stored or the Uranium can be used to nuclear weapons in
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Unformatted text preview: which the Uranium is eventually used and spread in a vast area and absorbed into the air and ground and eventually absorbing completely in to the ground. Some unit operations include the refining of Uranium and the use of Uranium in a power plant with the products of electricity and nuclear waste. 3. Sulfur Cycle: Sulfur is introduced into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels, volcanic activity, from aquatic communities, evaporation of water. Sulfur is then also precipitated into water and aquatic communities as sulfuric acid. Some unit operations are the human activities and any aquatic operations....
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