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Chem Eng Future

Chem Eng Future - doing so until 2008 I feel that chemical...

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Marc Pomi 11/04/07 Chemical Engineering The beginning of chemical engineering began back in the 1880’s where the beginning of the distinction of college courses came. In the beginning the industry did not see the need for chemical engineers and thought they weren’t necessary. This sparked the created of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers to defend the profession. After then the average chemical engineer was used to find cheaper ways and improvements of manufacturing during the industrial revolution. The chemical engineer was then forced to know more and more to broaden their scope of knowledge of science to comprehend chemical systems better. Although the profession of being a chemical engineer started in England, the profession most rapidly grew in the United States where it is still flourishing today. The employment rates and salaries of chemical engineers have steadily grown as fast as the average rate and is predicted to continue
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Unformatted text preview: doing so until 2008. I feel that chemical engineering will always be a needed profession because of several factors. One factor is the need for a cure for many diseases in the world; another factor is the need for a source of energy. One last factor is also the need to improve current chemicals to make them safer and more potent. As far as employment, like any other profession, I feel jobs will be outsourced to other countries and employment will decline due to the fact of cheaper labor in other countries. This will be a major problem especially for future graduates of chemical engineering, this will force the average student to pursue a PhD; already the average student must have a master’s degree to make a descent amount of money and to secure a job....
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