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Rousseau - Has moral and collective body composed as many...

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Rousseau: 1. What is the difference between subduing a multitude and ruling a society? Give characteristics of each Subduing people can use any means necessary to control people where as ruling a society more reason is used. Subduing – Master/Slave, unequal public property, no body politic – only the will of the sovereign 2. What is the core difficulty of the social pact? You are giving up your free will for the common good of the people but how is that good for you? Body politic, equality – mutual giving up of everything 3. What are the characteristics of the social pact?
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Unformatted text preview: Has moral and collective body composed as many members as the assembly has voices, in which it receives from the same act its unity, its common self, its life and its will. 4. Depending on the perspective how do we refer to governing bodies and individual associates? Governing bodies’ that have a state which is passive sovereign when its active power when compared to other similar bodies. Individual associates collectively take the name citizens as participating in sovereign society subjects are subjected to the law of the society....
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