March 26th - People walking around who other people thought...

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3/26/2008 Judaism Most historical information in bible is uncorroborated Was not written by witness but by oral tradition Evidence is sketchy Mixture of archeological and literary evidence Early times of Israel was not urban Tribes of Israel was agricultural Had one city Jerusalem Rest was farmland Earliest phases of Judaism had no government People governed by inherited tradition What held them together was a shared culture A shared loyalty to God Other tribes around Israel Earliest stages of Israel paid tribute to the national god When the tribes prospered they believed the owed the national god When the tribes failed thought they did something bad Rise among the tribes of the prophets Words of the prophets in books now Prophets gathered crowds and gave speeches Don’t know how person became a prophet People back then understood the might have imagination and hallucination People took prophets seriously Telling the differences between real and fake prophets became a religious challenge
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Unformatted text preview: People walking around who other people thought they were carrying the authentic message of God Message 1: This god should not be imaged God has no mythic past This gods relationship with humans is based on morality Bible is not a book but an anthology Books of the bible are written over a 1000 years Some books were in Hebrew some were in Aramaic On certain questions in the bible it has a coherent overall view God demands exclusive worship under the covenant 2 Possibilities 1. You are my god and I will never forget you 2. You are my one and only god 1000 tribes organized themselves into a kingdom Famous early kings are David and Solomon Barely held their own One was conquered by Assyrians Tribal kingdom but define themselves by their religion Unlike other religious traditions this religion was based on the bible Began to get a Diaspora or the scattering of ethnic groups from its homeland People of Israel Judeans brought torah with them...
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March 26th - People walking around who other people thought...

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