April 25 - Severi was emperor’s last name Severi was not...

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4/25/08 Why was sun important? Solar energy, light, warmth Modern cultures are not frightened of the dark as opposed to ancient cultures Could be attacked by anything Sun god was important in every system God who controls the sun, the god who is the sun, god associated with the sun The sun could see everything Roman Empire had an elaborate polytheistic system Chief Priest of Rome was emperor now is Pope
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Unformatted text preview: Severi was emperor’s last name Severi was not a lucky family Elagabal god of Syrian city In laws of Severi family were the priests of this god Worshipped in an aniconic form Aniconic – worshipped through objects but not images Elagabal was usually worshipped as a large black rock Sol Invictus New cult...
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