April 23 - Gratitude of gods were going down Religions of...

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4/23/08 Religions of Rome were about Rome As time went on the need for a personal religion grew There was one last effort to combine personal and public religion The sun was the official god of the Roman Empire The traditional public religions of Rome could not fulfill personal needs Hard to feel a personal love for Zeus Stoics did but that’s it New religious patterns began to grow and spread Gods of health became more important Temples of those gods became hotels Gods in east grew in fertility Epidemics swept through Roman Empire Cities were having trouble sustaining themselves Aristocracy was not reproducing itself due to a lack of responsibility of future Roman cooking festivals tend to contain lead Possible lead poisoning Roman Empire’s economy fell in 1 st century CE Population of empire were going down and cities were too
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Unformatted text preview: Gratitude of gods were going down Religions of Rome weren’t working right any more Mithra appears as a minor deity in Indian texts Ancestral European god associated with light Mithra migrated west to Persia which became associated with the good god From Persia Mithra traveled to Rome Classical case of an eastern religion that came in to the Roman world and threatened to take it over Army was an important integrating force throughout the empire Euphraic shrines were fairly uniform not much writing Mithra was depicted killing the sacred bull Taurabulion a grated mesh was on top and a bull was slaughtered and the blood washed the person Mithraism was an expensive ceremony that appealed to soldiers...
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April 23 - Gratitude of gods were going down Religions of...

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