Ancient Religion Notes.

Ancient Religion Notes. - Lecture 4 Some debate among...

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2/04/08. Lecture 4. Some debate among scholars. What does it mean to call a being a god? Most of us are grown up in a culture that supports 1 god, monotheism. One being worthy being called god. The ancient world generally speaking was Polytheism, believing in many gods. Many beings whom they called gods. Notice that Mono means "only" Is there a single sole being that deserves to be called god? or many such beings? If you take the second option which many old cultures did, not all of them are gods in the same way, when you see X as a god there is more than 1 thing you might mean when you say that. The attributes we give to THE god, isn't always what they meant by these gods. Most Eygptain gods were born. ..1 died by his brother, they get drunk, they get decieved, make mistakes, etc, everything that violates what it means to be a western god. So was the pharoph a god or not? What do we mean when we say the Pharoph was a god? After a certain point the pharoph was actually worshipped as a god while still alive, had temples and priesthoods. The idea that being a god had heavy political usefulness. .Which Im sure the pharoph loved >.> Temples were in the business of selling sheep to people to sacrifice, Note why Jesus wrecked the temple, makes sense now. Pharoph is still a god, even though people have seen him born, knew he was a child, put his pants one 1 leg at a time like others, but is a god. Becoming a king made you a god, Kingship was eternal, and immortal. Basically the entity was incarnated into the current king, thats how he was a god. most kings were born into position. There were a series of royal familes, roughly 30 familes over 3000 years. Being the king means you control the destiny of the world, but the king died, what happened then? Osiris, was killed by his brother, and scattered everywhere, loyal wife put him back together, symbolizes that it was the world being put back together. Alive he is Osiris, dead he is horis. A king never stopped exsisting he just became one of the stars in Heaven. If the sun was a god, then the sun was living proof a god to die, because everyday the sun would die, and every morning it would struggle to be reborn. There were tons of different sun gods, over time. Syncretism, the process where orginally seperate religions merge. The ideas that gods can merge is important, when cultures merge, their gods began to merge as
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well, and people will began to see two gods as one. This greatly helps in unifying countries. The huge pyraminds, came around the beginning of egypt. Needed tons of expendable labor. The immoratality that the king could hope for began to become more available to more n more. There was a general broadening of hope, and expectation, where the king becomes the model, and prototype.
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Ancient Religion Notes. - Lecture 4 Some debate among...

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