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SLAVERY: ORIGINS I. Forms of Servitude a. Ancient slavery b. Serfdom c. Indentured servitude and apprenticeship II. Origins of racial slavery in North America: which came first, racism or slavery? a. 1619: “unthinking decision”: racism first? b. Racial attitudes shaped by condition of slavery (slavery first)? c. Fear of freed indentured servants (Bacon’s Rebellion of frontiersmen in Virginia 1676 d. Fear of increasing numbers of blacks
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Unformatted text preview: , in 17 th century most from Africa III. Final consolidation of racial slavery, 1680s: lifetime, inherited servitude (follows mother’s status) limited to blacks. IV. Why South, not North? a. Cash crop (plantation) agriculture: cheap labor force b. Failure of other sources: Indians c. Impact of Revolution on Northeast: emancipations reflecting numbers of slaves in states (NY with most, was last in 1799)...
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