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niggers - HIS 265 Professor Wilbur R Miller The Mental...

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HIS 265 Professor Wilbur R. Miller 10/8/08 The Mental Entrapment of Slaves “Slavery dominated the lives of slaves, yet they were not mentally enslaved.” People would like to believe this statement but in reality this statement is false. Historically we believe slaves were a class of not even people; they were labor. There were many reasons why they stayed as just labor or a common work horse. Blacks were enslaved during the 1800’s and were mainly slaves in the Southern United States. Wealthy white owners usually would be the masters of slaves. They worked on farms, in factories, and various other locations. Some may believe that slaves weren’t mentally enslaved but the truth is they were. Various groups were formed during this time of unrest. One group called the KKK or Ku Klux Klan was a dominant group of whites in which they persecuted blacks to remind them of the fear of whites. Many slaves feared this group and there was a constant scare of being tortured by the members which included lynching and other forms of violence. Slaves were mentally trapped by this because they were in constant alarm so they could not rise against this group. The Ku Klux Klan however, was not the only way slaves’ feared death. A slave could be put to death at the masters will. Slaves were property and nothing more. Even worse, a slave could be beat to death of the master. This correlates back into the constant horror of everyday life and a mental entrapment of fear.
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If a slave was constantly afraid however could a slave have the courage to being anything more than laborer? They couldn’t because they were never taught the appropriately.
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