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HISTORY 265: EXAM NO. 3 DUE WED. NOV. 19 IN LECTURE INSTRUCTIONS: Remember, this is an optional essay. If you wrote essay no. 1 and wish extra credit, you will want to do this one. 4pp.double spaced, normal margins. Write your name only on the line below, nowhere else in the text. Writing & grammar will be taken into account. BAD WRITING LOWERS YOUR GRADE BY ONE LETTER (e.g. B to C). NAME________________________ SECTION LEADER___________________ Why was the South able to hold out for so long in the Civil War? HINTS: This is a why question, which involves causes…. I can’t give you a better hint than this. Academic Integrity (official University policy statement): Intellectual honesty is the foundation for all academic and scholarly work, not just in the Honors College or just in the University, but in the whole academic community, national and international. In this course, we expect you to care about your own intellectual development, as well as about your grades. When grades are achieved through dishonest means, everyone in the
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