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Marc Pomi Professor Brooke Larson HIS 213 11/21/08 DQP #4 During the 1800’s the Caribbean came under the “Age of Revolution.” During this time period of upheaval specifically St. Domingue, or Haiti, experience a revolution that changed history. Previous to the revolution there were many factors that caused the revolution; one factor is the French Revolution. Curtin explains the French Revolution, “fundamentally unsettled the whole social, political, and economic order that had constituted the plantation complex at its peak. First, it lead directly to a series of revolts in the colony of Saint Domingue, initially by the planting class, then by the colored class, then gens de couleur , and finally by the slaves themselves” (Curtin, 154). The French Revolution stirred things up and gave the ideas to the natives of the Caribbean to start their own revolutions to fight against the oppression they were under. Also, Curtin touches on the topic of the class distinctions that also caused the revolution. He notes
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