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Marc Pomi HIS 213 Professor Brooke Larson 10/10/08 Hindsight The unearthing of the Western Hemisphere by Christopher Columbus in1492 motivated a number of Spanish and Portuguese voyagers to keep on the expedition for annexing affluence in the New World. Spaniards incursion on the seashore line and the central constituency of Mexico significantly revolutionized the itinerary of Mesoamerican accounts in the trend of enhanced ethno-ecological antagonism. 1 The mercantilism of the 16th century funneled the European’s investigation and despotism in sanctioning the aggravated conquistador Cortes in propagating the Spanish dominance upon the valley to take possession of gold and other valuables. The ultimate result was the earth-shattering aggression from the east-meeting-west antagonism about the development flanked by the Spaniards and the aboriginal Aztecs. The plummeting down of the concluding intricate majestic nation extended across most of the northern and central Mexico, and the fundamental mass destruction of the inhabitant population. Diaz Bernal 1963; 19-25) The year 1519 in regard to the Aztec consciousness, marked the genesis of a diminutive yet an intriguing session in the history of the Mexicans. Fleets of Spanish galleons set sail enroute the eastern gulf coast where they plunged affix just rancid the wind swept coastal line on the isle by the name San Juan de Ulua. Under the direction of Cortes the ship irked 550 Spanish worriers and sailors, as well as 16 horses. (Diaz Bernal 1963; 12) The platoon of Spanish soldiers erected a camp on the dunes behind the beach. The reception was rather warm and gifts were battered, no sooner than soon, Cortes demanded an audience from the Aztec head of state Moctezuma II. The unusual was not in favor of this minute contingent of voyagers who would 1 Díaz, The accurate narrative, p. 150. 1
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almost immediately endeavor into the world of unknown to topple the mighty Aztec Empire. Was it not for Cortes outstanding resilience and slyness, coupled with an inconceivable succession of concurrent success the Spaniards would have had toughest moments. (Diaz Bernal 1963; 19-25) From the word go a contingent of hundreds of Spanish soldiers relied on myriad variables when preparing to execute an attack on the New World. Some of this factor included their advanced technology depicted by excellent iron weaponry, the authentic managerial command under the auspices of Hernan Cortes and the inadequate aggression exhibited by the warfare performances by Meso-American inhabitants. The most detrimental weapons employed by the Spaniards against the Aztecs beyond their composure was the dreaded smallpox. The anomaly of the disease was endemic in Tenochtitlan, it has been quantified that smallpox devastated the Spaniards opponents. By Spaniards circumventing Tenochtitlan, the basic necessities like food, water and medicine was cut off and subsequently the effect was gravely devastating on the Aztec army which was vulnerably subdued as they could not fight back. (Diaz Bernal 1963; 19-25)
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spanish - 1 Marc Pomi HIS 213 Professor Brooke Larson...

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