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Marc Pomi David Smucker ARH 102 11/14/08 Maori Meetinghouse The Maori People originally settled in present day New Zealand. The maori people developed their own culture and included it into their artwork like the meetinghouses they built. In maori culture genealogy was of great concern. “The Maori meeting house, the Wharenui, reflects the tradition, spirit and history of the iwi (tribe) and hapu (sub-tribe). The meeting house is usually a symbol of the ancestor from whom
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Unformatted text preview: the local tribe has ascended. The Marae, the area in front of the Wharenui, is of greater importance than the house itself, but is nevertheless a part of it. The Wharenui is the place where Maori gather to celebrate or mourn, to discuss family matters, or to welcome distinguished guests, and indeed for any occasion. ( http://www.geocities.com/rerewhakaaitu/Wharenui.html )...
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