Lab #7 - 1. The magnetic field will reverse the current. 2....

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Marc Pomi 106040098 4/13/2006 Physics 134 Lab Recitation 1 (12:50-2:50) Lab #7 Induction Abstract: We will be using various voltages to see the current induced by a coil and measuring magnetic fields. Procedure: 1. Move the North pole of a bar magnet in and out of a coil connected to the galvanometer and observe. 2. Place the smaller coil inside the larger coil and pass a current through the smaller coil. Observe the magnitude and direction of the current induced in the larger coil when the current in the smaller coil is turned on and off and observe. 3. Repeat step 2 with an iron rod placed inside the small coil. 4. Turn on the oscillator and set the frequency at 5 kHz 5. Place the center of the probe coil in the center of the large coil. 6. Measure the amplitude of the induced voltage with the oscilloscope. 7. Move the probe coil along the meter stick and observe the amplitude change on the oscilloscope. 8. Measure the diameter of the large coil. Questions:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. The magnetic field will reverse the current. 2. The end with the North Pole will induce a positive voltage when passed into the coil. 3. 4. It should be negative but logarithmic. 5. The data shows that as the magnetic field is made to be further away the voltage drops logarithmically but for purposes a straight line was used. Results: Position(m) Voltage(V) 0.21 0.095 0.25 0.09 0.3 0.073 0.35 0.050 0.4 0.032 0.45 0.022 0.5 0.015 0.55 0.011 0.6 0.008 0.65 0.006 0.7 0.004 Diameter of Large Coil = 0.39 m Ln(1+x^2/a^2) Ln(Vo/Vo(0)) 5.78-0.054 7.56-0.263 8.48-0.641 9.11-1.088 9.58-1.463 9.97-1.846 10.29-2.156 10.57-2.474 10.82-2.762 11.03-3.168 Conclusion: Using several coils and measuring values of voltages we were able to find the relationship between magnetic fields and induced voltages. Some sources of error we encountered were the batteries were dying on the equipment since it was left on....
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Lab #7 - 1. The magnetic field will reverse the current. 2....

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