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Marc Pomi 106040098 EST 325 Professor Wan Homework 7 1. An operational level is Routine automated activities. Managerial levels focus on specific business functions. Executive levels have no routine or procedure to decisions that consider long term consequences for the entire company. 2. Hard data is based on pure facts while soft data is non analytical information. 3. Online Processing which gives immediate results and Batch Processing does many processes at once. 4. The manual method where material physically has to be put in. The Semi- automated method captures data with a device. The Fully Automated method uses only computers. 5. Scheduled reports are predefined intervals to support routine decisions. Another type of report is a key-indicator which summarizes critical information. A last type of report is an exception which displays situations that are abnormal. 6. They differ by utilizing the different aspect of information systems and other utilities. 7.
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