HWK 5 - M arc Pomi 106040098 3/2/09 Homework #5 1....

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Marc Pomi 106040098 3/2/09 Homework #5 1. Electronic commerce is the online exchange of goods, services, and money among firms, between firms and their customers, and between customers. It has evolved to become an electronic marketplace and a necessity for companies. 2. They have given rise by integration, mass customization, interactive communication, and collaboration. 3. One strategy is brick and mortar in which there are only physical stores without any use of EC while click only strategy implements only the online use of EC where there are no physical stores. 4. An extranet enables two or more firms to do business together using the internet, an intranet is a private network for business to employee EC and the internet is a worldwide use of networks used for EC and communication. These technologies all rely on computers and networks to work. 5. Information timeless and accuracy of information, technology integration of different technologies, low cost and high value. 6.
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HWK 5 - M arc Pomi 106040098 3/2/09 Homework #5 1....

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