HWK 2 - Marc Pomi 2/09/2009 Professor Wan EST 325.03...

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Marc Pomi 2/09/2009 Professor Wan EST 325.03 10604009 Review Questions 1. Fall of the Berlin Wall, The Release of the Netscape Browser, Work Flow Software, Supply Chaining, Open Sourcing, Outsourcing, Off-shoring, In-sourcing, In-forming, The Steroids(amplifying other flatteners) 2. The fall of the Berlin Wall flattened the world by ending the Cold War between communist and capitalist countries. This meant a potential increase in customers and access to a talented labor pool in the former Eastern bloc countries. 3. Work Flow Software is a variety of applications that allow people worldwide to communicate. This allowed automation of certain processes and seamless communication. 4. The process is off-shoring; products were able to be made at a fraction of the cost they could be made in the United States or even Mexico employing Chinese workers to make products for people worldwide. 5. In-sourcing is the delegation of a company’s core operations to a subcontractor that specializes in that operation. UPS uses in sourcing to package and ship many products for companies and even repairs certain laptops instead of sending the machine back to the manufacturer. 6. Companies are outsourcing due to the fact they are cheap and want more for less. 7. Some challenges to operating in the digital world are governmental, geo-economical, demographic, and cultural. 8. Some geo-economic challenges are time zone difference in which people must adjust to the different time zones by utilizing late or early work hours. Another challenge is
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HWK 2 - Marc Pomi 2/09/2009 Professor Wan EST 325.03...

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